Escape LOL continues to donate 10% of our profits to various local and
far-reaching causes to help others escape from negative situations:
Loaves & Fishes - escape from hunger and homelessness
Favor house - escape from abuse
St. jude research hospital - escape from childhood cancer


Our business plan, other than providing an exciting and challenging game for fun and team-building, is to help our fellow men and women to Escape from difficult life circumstances.  We promise to donate at least 10% of each quarterly profit to these charities:


lots of locks + lots of luck =

escape game pensacola


All Ages May Play-At least 1 Adult must play


Put down your phones, controllers, and tablets and LIVE the game! Use your skills to find hidden objects, crack codes, and discover secret places. But this is real life- no resets, no cheat codes, and you only have 60 minutes!


Tired of the "dinner and a movie" dates and get togethers? Work together to accomplish the goal of escaping and have lots of fun along the way!

First date? Find out how they think under pressure.

Family? Actually talk to each other and learn about different talents your children, parents, or siblings possess!

*For family groups of 5+ we can offer some leeway on ages


If you are just visiting our lovely Florida area, be sure to add Escape LOL to your travel plans. Bring your family and meet some other travelers or locals. Working as a team, you will discover codes and clues to help solve a mystery that lets you escape. This will be a vacation you are sure to remember!


Let your employees experience an amazing team-building exercise! They will quickly learn that they must work together in order to escape in time! Either way, they will learn each other's strengths and appreciate unknown talents. Group discussion after the game will focus on time management, problem-solving as a team, leadership, and cooperation.